Pedicure at home.

pedicure Today we offer you an article about a pedicure and you can save time / money to visit the salon.

Pedicure tools.

You will need no rich and no expensive tool kit - in stores now you can find kits for every taste and budget, but we do not need so many - nail scissors, pumice two-sided (one side is rough, the other is more smooth - fine-grained), nail files, polish nail files. Examples can be found in the article about Manicure tools, the tools for a pedicure and manicure are not very different - the only thing in the first case, you may want to choose the larger specimens.

The procedure for performing a pedicure.

  • Prepare a deep bowl of hot water and soak her legs for 5-10 minutes. For a better softening of the skin you can add sea salt or baking soda, as well as any essential oil to the water.

  • Clean each foot from the dead skin with pumice - first use the coarse side then complete the processing with fine-grained side. Start treatment with your fingers gradually descending to the heel. Then wash up and wipe them dry.

  • Massaging the treated areas of skin, apply a moisturizer.

  • Next using a pusher or an orange stick shifts cuticle accurately. To soften the cuticle you can use a special cream or just olive oil. If the cuticle too large you can to cut it a little but not until the end otherwise there is a risk to get infection, especially in summer when a lot of dust is on the feet.

  • Cut the extra nails with scissors but do not clip out deep corners of the nails otherwise they can grow into the skin and thus cause pain. Treat your nails with nail file. This step you can do before soaking feet - it's up to you.

  • Polish your nails with a special nail file for polishing.

  • Apply a moisturizing cream to your feet and massage them.

  • In the end of the pedicure procedure you have to apply base coat (clear nail polish). It must be done, especially in summer when there is a high risk of the fungal infection (on the beach, pool or simply from street dust which contains a lot of microbes). Before applying the base coat do not forget to degrease nails with nail polish remover so it will serve longer. Then if you want when the base coat dries you can apply a color polish. Wait for the complete drying of the color nail polish and only after that apply the top coat.

The legs will be healthy and look beautiful if you watch them and do the pedicure once a week. Take your kit for a pedicure, keep it clean and dry. And even if you're going to do a pedicure in the salon - agree with the master and take your own tool kit so you're sure it will save your feet and nails from the fungus.

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