Vitamins and minerals for your nails.

Healthy nails - strong, flexible nails with distinct edges that are resistant to cracking and delamination. They have a healthy pink color and white not transparent free edge of the nail.

Weakened, stratified, brittle nails need extra care (Nail care), vitamins and minerals:


  • Vitamin A promotes the strengthening and growth of the nail plate. Contained in liver, fresh greens, carrots, tomatoes, butter.
  • Vitamin B 6. Helps digestion of the protein. Contained in brewer's yeast, egg yolk, cabbage.
  • Vitamin D. It helps the nail cells to absorb calcium.
  • Calcium is needed to make the nails stronger. Contained in the fermented milk and dairy products.
  • Iron - for the structure and shape of the nails. Contained in apples, liver, and buckwheat.

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