French manicure at home

step by step instruction

French manicure

Step 1. French manicure begins as a regular manicure: cuticle treatment and giving desired shape to the nail - how to do Manicure at home.

Step 2. Cover the nail with base varnish - it can be either a transparent nail polish or a special base coat. Dry.

Step 3. Paint tips of the nails with white polish on 1 mm above the natural smile line. Dry thoroughly.

Step 4. Cover all nails from the cuticle to the tip with nail polish. The polish can be transparent, transparent - pink or beige shade, but the main thing that the white tip of the nail should be seen. Let it dry.

Step 5. Cover nails with a clear polish or a special top coat - fixative.

French manicure sample

Tip: If you made the white paint on the smile line not quite exactly, do not rush to erase and remake again - it is not easy and takes time. Simply take the silver or gold art nail polish (with a long brush) and draw a thin line over the same smile line - it's cover all irregularities, which were formed when working with white paint (see photo)

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