European manicure at home.

European manicure

We need:

  • paper towel
  • softening or nourishing cream
  • gentle cuticle remover solution
  • orange stick
  • nail file
  • special cream or oil for nails and cuticles (to slow the growth of the cuticle)
  • strengthening or decorative nail polish

First you need to give your nails the desired shape with a nail file. It is best to use glass file - your nails will not be split because of it. When all is done, shake the dust from the nails formed by the file and apply softening or nourishing cream on them. Rub the cream into the cuticle, the nails and the skin around the nails. Gently push back cuticles with orange stick, not pushing hard on the fingernails, scrape them with a pterygium - a thin skin, which will remain on the nail after moving the cuticle. Do not press on the nails in the area of ​​the cuticle because there they are very thin and easily injured - with a further growth of the nails you will notice hillocks on the nail plates.

Then apply on the cuticle the gentle cuticle remover solution. Leave this product on the cuticle as much time as specified in the instructions. After this time again with the orange stick to push back the cuticle very carefully and remove the remains of dead skin. Further, with the paper towel, carefully remove the remnants of the solution from the nails. Next massage your nails and skin around the nails with a special cream or oil to nails and cuticles.

After the procedure of the European manicure It is best to give your nails a rest and do not paint them for few days. If there is a need to paint your nails, do not forget to degrease them with a nail polish remover without acetone and then cover with the base coat (transparent polish), which creates a protective film on the surface of the nail.

Nail styles recommends:

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