Spring flowers.

Very simple and nice nail design for a summer theme.

Spring flowers

To draw this picture we need:

  • Pink nail polish for painting (with a long brush) or white lacquer (if you want to draw a daisy)
  • nail polish for painting - yellow, silver or gold - to put a dot in the center
  • green lacquer for painting leaves
  • transparent nail polish – base coat and top coat
  • colored nail polish for the background
  • nail polish remover

Steps how to do:

  • Degrease the nails with nail polish remover. This is necessary to manicure is stayed longer on the nails.
  • Apply the transparent lacquer on your nails and let it dry. If you want to make the background cover the nails with the colored nail polish. Draw petals with the pink polish for future flowers.
  • Put the yellow dots - centre of the flower - for your choice of the yellow , silver or gold nail polish. On the pictures the first point of the yellow color, and then on top of yellow - a silver nail polish.
  • Draw leaves with the green lacquer .
  • When the picture dries, apply the transparent nails polish(top coat) which will add glos and will protect the image from the effects of water and detergent.

Nail styles recommends:

On the video below you can see the "Spring Flowers" design on a light green background

More simple nail designs:

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