Water marble nail design

Water marble nail design

Just droping a lacquer in the cold water and immersing your nails there you can create simple and original water nail design with magic curves. It's called a water marble design.

Water marble nail design mix

For the water nail design «marbles» we need:

  • Base coat
  • Nail polishes in different colors, matte and / or mother of pearl
  • Top coat
  • Small disposable cup
  • Orange sticks or toothpicks
  • Water

Step by step guide

  • Choose a color to paint our design then drip into a glass with water, drop by drop - one nail polish at a time. Do it quickly because the paint dries.
  • Move nail polishes in the water with an orange stick or toothpick and get the pattern.
  • Put the nail in that part of the pattern which you like the most and take out in a place where there is no paint on the surface of the water, otherwise you will get a second layer of the image. Another way not to spoil this design on the nails is pushing nail polishes with a stick away from the nail before take it out.

Tip: If you don't like to erase the paint from the skin around the nail for a long time, cover the area around the nail with tape as shown in the photo or apply a fat cream on that place:

covered nail

Do not be afraid to use bright colors - It's what you need for the summer:

vivid design

Nail styles recommends:

How to make that nail design watch the video:

More simple nail designs:

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